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Animate Objects Physical Theater   -   206-829-9034   -   Seattle, WA
Event Entertainment
Whether you want to attract attention or enliven your event, Animate Objects Physical Theater provides Event Entertainment ranging from solo performers to full choreographed productions to take your vision to the next level. We treat every event as a theatrical production and custom tailor our costumes, makeup and performances to create a cohesive experience your guests will never forget!  

We offer aerial acrobats, atmospheric aerialists, rope and harness dancers, acrobatic stilt walkers, and choreographed dance numbers for every theme. We also provide a diverse array of interactive 'Animators' such as mimes, jugglers, acro-dancers, showgirls, themed dancers, living décor and living statues to add to the ambience of your event and create a personable experience

Our 'Animated Food Servers' delight guests while serving drinks, appetizers or deserts in elaborate costumes as Roving Buffet Tables, Cigarette Girls, Strolling Champagne Dresses and Aerial Champagne Girls.

Contemporary Dance Works
stages and events since 2006 in Miami 
and NOW in Seattle!
Founder/Creative Director Ileigh Reynolds creates works that unite her rich background in contemporary dance and improvisation with the electricity of circus arts and specialty acts. She has assembled an inventive team of performers that craft original works for theaters and site-specific locations.  

The company fearlessly introduces props and apparatus into thought provoking and entertaining spectacles that embody concepts known to all walks of life: fear, skepticism, inquisitiveness, courageousness and achieving the seemingly unattainable.
Welcome to Animate Objects Physical Theater
Our stages and venues change daily, but one thing remains the same: we transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. We dance on sides of buildings, suspend from theater rafters, captivate crowds in outdoor festivals and liven up parties and corporate events.  

Our two branches, Event Entertainment and Contemporary Dance Works, continue to inform and support each other. When creating our entertainment packages for corporate and private events, we are inspired to view each event as a theatrical production and create a magical journey full of delight and surprise. On the flip side, we aren’t embarrassed to add some razzle-dazzle and ‘wow’ factor to our Contemporary Dance Works. Basically, all of our work lives in the colorful and unpredictable intersection between art and entertainment.